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Industrial Brakes

A proven track record of performance, reliability and value to our customers.

Providing the industrial market with a wide range of electrohydraulic and electromagnetic brake technology.

Partnering exclusively with ANTEC global brakes, a world leader in industrial brake technology, Cervis, Inc. covers the entire range of industrial drum, disc and specialty brakes.  These brakes are manufactured in electromagnetic, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic configurations, according to AISE/DIN standards.  Applications include brake systems for overhead cranes, rolling mills, transfer cars and many other industrial products.

With over 50 year’s experience and more than 300,000 brakes installed worldwide in industrial environments and wind power generation, together with ANTEC, Cervis is ready to put our brakes to work for you.

Industrial Brakes Handout

NDT – NFT – NAT: Instructions for Assembly & Maintenance

TH-I-II-III: Instructions for Assembly & Maintenance

Industrial Brakes Product Line

AC Disc

Electrohydraulic disc brake types FBT and FPT are spring applied failsafe brakes that act on a disc. Like the AC Drum brake systems, the AC Disc brakes are released by means of an electrohydraulic device called a Turbel.

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AC Drum

Electrohydraulic drum brake types NAT, NDT y NFT are spring-applied failsafe brakes that act on a drum. The brake is released by means of an electrohydraulic devise called Turbel.

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DC Shunt

Electromagnetic drum brakes are brakes that act on a drum and are released by an electrically applied spring.

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NHCD series: hydraulic emergency brakes (failsafe), spring allied and hydraulically released.

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