Data sheet:

AC Disc

Electrohydraulic disc brake types FBT and FPT are spring applied failsafe brakes that act on a disc.  Like the AC Drum brake systems, the AC Disc brakes are released by means of an electrohydraulic device called a Turbel.  The brake shoes carry asbestos-free linings.  The main shafts are made in stainless steel with self-lubricating bushes.  The brake includes a torque scale.  ANTEC offers ETS (Eccentric Transmission System) technology in its electrohydraulic disc brakes.  The ETS technology is an exclusive system of ANTEC that provides a force transmission based on eccentric system (simplifying and lightening the brake), making it more simple and easy to handle, which will reduce its maintenance cost.  AC Disc brakes are armed with these design characteristics:

  • Self-lubricating bushes in all the joints
  • Stainless steel shafts
  • Torque scale
  • Self-adjusting system for arms and brake shoes
  • Symmetric design
  • Asbestos-free linings
  • Eccentric transmission system:  simpler, lighter, less maintenance