Data sheet:

AC Drum

Electrohydraulic drum brake types NAT, NDT y NFT are spring-applied failsafe brakes that act on a drum. The brake is released by means of an electrohydraulic devise called Turbel. The Turbel is a three-phase AC electrohydrailic thurstor. The Turbel can be placed both vertically (conventional models) as well as horizontally (NDT-A models). The braking torque can be adjusted, and the brake offers an optional torque scale. NDT-V models incorporate the torque scale as standard. ANTEC offers two possible locations for the torque scale: vertical (traditional) position, for the NDT-V models, and the exclusive ECP system of ANTEC. This allows the torque scale to be placed horizontally, which offers simplicity and a cost savings. All of our brakes offer stainless steel shafts, the brake joints have self-lubricating bushes and the brake shoes carry asbestos-free linings. ANTEC electrohydraulic drum brakes can be equipped with any of the following options:

• Automatic lining wear adjustment
• Open brake switch indicator
• Lining wear detector
• Hand release lever
• Progressive braking through a Descent valve in the thrustor
• Reduced torque
• Torque scale
• Special painting
• Pneumatic or hydraulic release
• ATEC Certificate