NHCD series: hydraulic emergency brakes (failsafe), spring allied and hydraulically released.  These brakes are typically used in applications such as cable drums and conveyors.  For their operation, they need to be connected to a hydraulic unit.  Each brake consists of two half-calipers symmetrically mounted at each side of the central line of the disc.  The clamping force of the brake depends on the force made by the springs.  The NHCD brakes can be equipped with any of the following options:

  • Open brake switch indicator
  • Lining wear detector
  • Hydraulic unit to operate the brake
  • Set of fittings/hoses
  • Fixing bolts
  • Brake bracket


Hydraulic Units – for the operation of the NHCD series hydraulic emergency brakes it is necessary to use a hydraulic unit.  ANTEC offers a reliable and comfortable hydraulic unit with the following technical characteristics:

  • Oil tank with a capacity up to 16 liters
  • Assembly pump-motor
  • Distributor that includes high pressure filter, electro valves and on/off switches
  • Air ventilation pipe
  • Oil level switch
  • Accumulator