Standard 3-motion, 3-speed Crane Control System Featuring:

TM70/1 Hall Effect Model Transmitter

>> STOP Function CAT 3 Pld

>> Six High Tactile Feel Hall Effect Pushbuttons for Crane Motions

>> Removable ON/OFF Key Switch

>> Warning/Start Pushbutton

>> Push/Pull STOP Switch with Redundant Switch Contacts

>> Transferable EEPROM Module for Simple Spare Handheld Service

>> Uses NiMH Rechargeable Battery

>> 900MHz Radio


R13B Model Receiver

>> STOP Function CAT 3 Pld

>> 120VAC Input Power

>> Series STOP Relays

>> 3 Contact Sequence for Crane Motions

>> Warning/Start and AUX 1 Contact

>> Pre-wired with 6′ Pigtail

>> Internal Antenna Standard (External Antenna Optional)

>> Optional Embedded HORN

>> 900MHz Radio


System Complete Includes:

  • Can be Delivered with (1) or (2) TM70/1 Hall Effect Handhelds

  • (1) R13B Model Pre-wired Receiver with Internal Antenna (optional external available)

  • (2) NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

  • (1) CB70 Model Dual Port Battery Charger and Power Supply

  • Set of System Drawings and Operators Manual

  • (1) Year Warranty and Exceptional Customer Support


TM70/1H.13B System Drawings