CAN Barrier / I.S. Power Supply

The  CBI-100, is an Intrinsically Safe power supply and CANBus isolator.  The unit currently carries MSHA and IEC 60079-11 Intrinsic Safety evaluations.  The power supply portion can be connected to 12V DC from the non-I.S. or XP environment and produces a 12V DC, 0.9A I.S. power source.  The CAN isolation provides isolation of bi-directional CANbus data between the I.S. and non-I.S. environments.  Currently specified for use with Cervis GWM sensor/data acquisition modules, but can also be a “gateway” between non-I.S. CAN systems and/or other I.S. devices pending independent system approval.

  • CAN Bus non-I.S. “input”
  • CAN Bus I.S. “output”
  • Non I.S. 12Vdc input
  • I.S. 12Vdc output 0.9A
  • DIN Enclosure with screw terminal connections
  • Diagnostic LED indicators
  • Compact design


CBI-100 Data Sheet