Locomotive Controls

2015 debut, Cervis Series Locomotive Remote Control System (LRC) has been developed to provide Industrial Rail and Railway Operations a feature rich alternative to the markets current Locomotive Remote Control offering.  Using the latest in technology & design standards, the LongRT system can control a locomotive from a portable console Operator Control Unit (OCU) meeting all the control demands of a cab engineer.

The OCU has been designed to high end specifications and bred from our family of products that have experienced the harshest of underground mining environments.  The most important aspect of an LRC system is the quality operating range of the signal.  The LongRT is an approved FCC product for Part 90 operation and is unparalleled in performance and can be extended as required in application.

The development of the LongRT is the result of multi-talented group of engineers and an experienced product development team.  Several members of this team fostered the original LRC technology release in the early 1990’s.

To learn more about this technology, and technical features, download these specification sheets and call our experts for application discussions.

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LongRT Console Box Data Sheet

LongRT Base Unit Data Sheet

LongRT Spec Form