About Cervis

Cervis, maintaining a focus on growth in product, business and relationships.

Founded in 1992 as Structured Mining Systems, Inc., Cervis, Inc. has grown year after year due to the dedication of its staff and the sheer will of its ownership to grow. Forming a team of knowledgeable, dedicated professionals has enabled the company to evolve from its origins in the underground coal mining markets. We have evolved into a full-service wireless remote and electronics controls company and now serve multiple markets within industry.

Our core markets include:

  • Mining/Oil & Gas where we specialize in intrinsically safe and explosion proof control products.
  • Industrial Material Handling where we bring years of experience in applying wireless remote control systems.
  • Locomotive products.
  • Mobile Equipment where we apply our broad product range to OEM machines in the mobile equipment and agriculture markets.
  • Industrial Automation where we work with applications to make plant automation safer and more productive.

At its core, Cervis, Inc. is a product-development and manufacturing company. We maintain a full staff of product development engineers and a team of application engineers who assist the sales department in applying our products to customer applications. We have two manufacturing floors. Our sub-assembly department is responsible for manufacturing our printed circuit boards—using a fully automated pick-and-place machine—supported by a staff of quality inspectors and hand-assembly technicians. Cervis, Inc. focuses on quality and continuous improvement, and operates under the following quality structures:


Quality management systems – Requirements

ISO/IEC 80079-34:2011

Explosive Atmospheres Part 34: Application Of Quality Systems For Equipment Manufacture