Screen Machine

Providing Real-Time Data Boosts Productivity and Profits
Screen Machine, an Ohio-based nationwide manufacturer of crushing & screening equipment, needed a custom control solution that would let operators visually monitor the remote operations and performance of its entire line of machines. In crushing & screening, high productivity, or TPH (tons per hour), is key to profitability. Downtime means lost production and added expense.

LCD Panel Updates Keep Operators up to Speed
Previous wireless control systems used by Screen Machine did not offer an LCD screen integrated to the remote to add a higher level of performance, control and safety during the operation of their machinery. Operators are typically in another machine, like a front-end loader, but they also must be able to constantly monitor the performance of the crusher or screener. Key data provided by the remote’s LCD screen includes monitoring of engine parameters, and instant notifications to the operator if there is an engine or control system code or a stop condition.

Strategy/Process Discussion
Through on-site, real-time evaluation of the previous system and discussion with the supervisor and operators in the field, Cervis was able to collaborate closely with Screen Machine to create a detailed, custom application to keep operators fully aware of machine functions.

The Cervis Solution
Cervis was able to customize and integrate their HHMS series handheld remote transmitter and apply task specific functionality to increase the efficiency of Screen Machine equipment. Cervis also debuted the HHMS tether back-up option in this project. The tether option allows the operator to directly link the HHMS handheld to the machine controls via a length of cable. This feature allows continued operation in environments where RF communication is not allowed or if transmitter batteries die. As always, Cervis supports all of their products with unparalleled post-integration service and repair by our dedicated team of service technicians.