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HH2S-9XW08 Handheld Remotes

The HH2S-9XW08 wireless handheld transmitter is designed for up to two-motion, two-speed material handling and industrial applications. It is perfect for monorail and rotating jib hoists with single or dual speed controls. This handheld comes standard with the ability to control two motions plus Warning/Start, STOP, and can be configured for an additional auxiliary control. Tandem control options are also available for controlling two separate hoists with one handheld transmitter. The HH2S uses mechanical pushbuttons with a lifetime of up to 1,000,000 cycles.

The HH2S-9XW08 is built around a powerful industrial grade 900MHz, 100mW radio designed by Cervis. Our proprietary channel hopping algorithm has been battle tested in thousands of industrial environments. With 100mW transmit power coupled with an agile interference avoidance hopping algorithm, all Cervis transmitters provide continuous, uninterrupted performance.

A unique feature of all Cervis transmitters is that one transmitter can be a spare for any system lowering the cost of ownership. The pairing process is simple and wireless and does not require accessing the receiver or opening the transmitter enclosure.

  • Powered by (2) AAA batteries
  • Radio and Battery Status LEDs
  • Universal Spare Transmitters
  • Wireless Receiver Pairing
  • Field Programmable Inactivity Timer
  • Protective Rubber Boot (Standard)
  • Break Away Wrist Lanyard
  • Field Replaceable Button Overlay
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