SmaRT Connect

SmaRT Connect is a Microsoft® Windows® configuration environment, allowing users to program the general configuration logic of some SmaRT products.

This tool is designed to allow users—using SmaRT Connect software on a PC—to:

  • Assign buttons to outputs
  • Make outputs latching or momentary
  • Configure conditional logic / interlocking and more

From this interface, the user can save configurations for loading into multiple units and read back RF channel designations, build dates, and existing configurations.

SmaRT Connect is a growing tool with future releases planned to expand user interaction with system design.

Compatible Products

Remotes:  SmaRT 2,4,6 and SmaRT 10-button

Base Units:  SmaRT 6R, SmaRT 6D, SmaRT 8DSmaRT 16R, SmaRT 18XF and DIN-9H1R5

SmaRT Connect User Guide