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Chest Pack Console Box (CPCB)

The CPCB is a broad platform console box designed for applications that require a lot of switches or space for the operator to access the controls.  This unit is well sealed and ready for heavy duty industrial, mining and mobile applications.  It comes standard with a breast plate that the operator wears using two shoulder straps for secure handling during operation.

The CPBP communicates and controls SmaRT base units using 2.4GHZ, 100mW frequencies (also available in the 900MHz range).  Using a Channel-Hopping direct sequence spread spectrum technology, the radio provides a robust radio link with generous control distances in congested radio environments.

  • Offered with large industrial joysticks, standard joysticks and levers (customizable)
  • Optional tilt switch
  • A variety of toggle and pushbutton switches
  • Rotary switches and potentiometers
  • Push/Pull Machine Stop Switch
  • Four (4) Standard System Status/Diagnostic LEDs; Optional 8-segment LED display plus 8 additional digital/analog feedback LEDs
  • Rugged Weatherproof Urethane Enclosure
  • Operates Using Two (2) C-Cell Batteries
  • Shoulder Harness Standard with breast plate
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