The standard WARRIOR ETHOS system is based on the ETHOS version of the HHMS model transmitter and MU-9×15 receiver. The Warrior ETHOS model transmitter is an industrial transmitter that is designed to provide 3 motion 2 speed crane control with A/B select feature. It is specifically offered to work with the Warrior MU-9×15 model receiver. The ETHOS model has eight dual redundant two step actuators for motion, warning/start and AUX control.  The transmitter’s vented enclosure is made of an impact resistant plastic, designed to meet an ingress protection rating of “IP65”.  The unit has four diagnostic LEDs that indicate radio frequency (RF) transmit/receive, Battery status and A/B selection.  Frequency Channel Hopping Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (CH DSSS) wireless technology (at 900MHz @ 100mW) allows HHMS-9XW08 transmitters to create a robust link with Warrior receivers in congested radio environments. These transmitters feature seamless association to receivers without having to open a machine-mounted receiver.  

WARRIOR ETHOS systems are available with one or two transmitters.  Unique features include the ability to select via dip switches in receiver the A/B select behavior, AUX relay as Latching or Momentary and 4 wire hoist configuration.   

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ETHOS Transmitter data sheet

ETHOS Transmitter manual

ETHOS System Drawing