The MU-9×15 is a low-cost, configurable receiver designed to accommodate most standard crane applications found in industry today.  The receiver’s radio is a robust two-way communication 900MHz, 100mW output power radio with FCC/IC Part 15 license free approval and is available with CSA inspection.  The Warrior radio uses a proprietary modulation scheme developed by Cervis to combat interference.

The standard receiver set up provides 3 motion 2 speed Bridge, Trolley, Hoist control including A/B select relays.  However, this versatile receiver can be user configured via internal DIP switches to cover a number of applications including a 4 motion 2 speed set up, 3 motion 2 speed with bi-directional AUX function, 2 motion with 4 wire hoist  as well as various other typical crane configurations.

Warrior MU-9X15 Receiver Specsheet

Warrior MU-9X15 Receiver User Manual