• Designed, manufactured, and supported by Cervis, Inc. in U.S.A.
  • Compact, ergonomic, durable handheld
  • Field-configurable for standard crane control, including AUX functions and A/B Hoist selection
  • Series STOP relays independently monitored by separate Watchdog processor
  • STOP relays will open if out of range or handheld inactivity timeout
  • Continuous Two-Way RF communication to maintain STOP and control integrity
  • Channel-hopping 100mW RF output power, providing persistent operation in congested RF environments
  • Universal Spare transmitter; any handheld can be paired to work with any receiver
  • Wireless (from the floor) implementation of spare handhelds
  • First Come/First Serve software standard in system
  • Single board receiver design with internal LED diagnostics
  • Option for 90db HORN installed in receiver


Warrior HH2S-9XW08 Specsheet

Warrior HH2S-9XW08 Manual