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Mini Console Box (MCB)

The SmaRT MCB Mini Console Box communicates with and controls SmaRT base units using either 900MHz (906–924 MHz @ 10 mW) or 2.4 GHz (2405–2480 MHz @ 100 mW) frequency ranges. Using line-of-sight Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology, either broadcast range offers a generous control distance in crowded radio environments with the added benefit of neither broadcast range requiring a license for use. The rugged enclosure and water-resistant components ensure reliable operation in harsh weather environments, operating in temperatures as low as –20° C and as high as 55° C (-4° F to 131° F). The MCB internal antenna broadcasts to base units and also uses a Control Area Network (CAN) Bus umbilical connection when engineered to do so. The SmaRT Mini Console Box offers a variety of joystick and switch options that are factory configured upon ordering.

  • Powered by Four (4) AA Batteries
  • 900 MHz@10mW or 2.4GHz@100mW Operation
  • Up to Four Dual or Single Axis Joysticks for Proportional Control
  • Push/Pull Professional Machine Stop
  • Up to Five Toggles or Optional Button Controls
  • Four System Status/Diagnostic LEDs
  • Belt Loops to Securely Attach to Belt or Harness
  • Magnets for Convenient Attachment to Ferrous Surfaces
  • CAN Umbilical Connection Available
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