SmaRT Wireless Base Units

With over 200 base unit model variations specifically designed for the needs of the mobile hydraulic equipment market, the SmaRT Wireless base unit offering is sure to cover your application. All of the base unit products are housed in mobile enclosures suited for outdoor mounting.

These units provide diagnostic information to users by employing varying numbers of LEDs and options for enhanced features like character displays. Additional advanced features in some models—such as CAN Bus communication, Real Time Clock to support data logging with battery back-up, and configurable I/O—make these products attractive solutions for mobile applications.

All units are powered by external DC supply and have varying output configurations. Output options include NO/NC relays and solid state valve driving outputs, with options for current feedback, 0–10V analog commands, and standard digital ON/OFF signals. Input options include low- and high-side inputs, analog voltage or 4–20mA. This array of configurable input and output control allows Cervis to apply the product to any application in the mobile market. Also, many of the products offer CAN Bus protocol communication such as J1939 and CAN Open in order to communicate with machine controllers and/or CAN-based peripheral devices, such as sensors.

Some base unit models available with STOP: PLd, Category 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1-2008.

SmaRT AF Series

  • 16-channel model
  • Eight High-side outputs or Low-side inputs 4A/channel: 15A max
  • Eight 0–13V or 4–20mA inputs or outputs


SmaRT 20XF Series

  • 20 High-side outputs or Low-side inputs 2A/channel: 15A max
  • PWM Control; Current Sense capable
  • Power cut-off FET


SmaRT EBU Series

  • Eight High-side outputs or Low-side inputs 4A/channel
  • Eight High-side outputs or Low-side inputs 2A/channel: current monitoring
  • Two NO/NC, 8A relays


SmaRT SR Series

Single Safety Relay: Four pole with force-guided contacts according to EN 50205 – 8A and three or five NO 5A relays.


SmaRT D Series

  • Available in six- or eight-channel models
  • High-side or Low-side outputs; 4A/channel 15A max
  • 7–28VDC input power, 1W


SmaRT H Series

  • High-current H-Bridge Motor Controller
  • 25A H-Bridge polarity reversing
  • Two 0–10V inputs