SmaRT MCB Model

Compact and Durable

  • Available with STOP: PLd, Category 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1-2008
  • Available with up to four dual axis joysticks and up to six toggle switches
  • Option for variable potentiometers
  • Optional eight-character LED display
  • Powered by four AA batteries
  • IP65 environmental rating
  • 900MHz 10mW or 2.4GHz 2/100mW radio(s)
  • Two-way DSSS RF transmission
  • Wireless association (pairing)
  • Belt-mountable
  • Custom labeling options
  • Optional tether back-up feature
  • FCC, IC, and CE approval(s)


SmaRT MCB Data Sheet

SmaRT MCB Manual

SmaRT MCB Configurator