We strive to make the SmaRT Wireless product group one of the most full featured product offerings available.  A strong focus during the design phase was to provide for software and hardware configurability.  The result is a rich presentation of features that can be optioned into applications to provide exactly what your project requires.

From the hardware perspective, with all of the handheld designs we provide varying assembly options.  We can customize switch layouts, provide custom labeling and when the business case supports the investment develop new product variations to satisfy project requirements.

Furthermore, the software configurability of the SmaRT wireless products is key to the product lines attractiveness in the market.  We have designed in easy configuration of switch, input and output logic.  Factory configuration is quick and low cost and custom software development is offered on a project to project basis.

Some products are also supported by SmaRT Connect, a user programming interface which allows end users to do basic configurations.

SmaRT Options 1

Momentary and maintained toggle switches
Rotary selector switches
Rotary potentiometers


SmaRT Options 2

Custom color molds
Custom embossed logos
Belt clips
Brand labeling


SmaRT Connect

SmaRT Connect is a windows configuration environment allowing users to program the general configuration logic of some SmaRT products.


SmaRT Features

SmaRT designs provide smart features and that is what we have focused on doing throughout the product line with the use of LEDs and displays for operator feedback and system diagnostics.


SmaRT Production

The SmaRT product line is designed and manufactured in Warrendale Pennsylvania. We maintain a production staff trained to service low and high volume orders.


SmaRT Tether

A standard option for our proportional control handhelds is the ability for the user to connect to the machines base unit via tethered data cable.