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MU-9X9 Receiver

The Warrior MU-9X9 is an affordable machine-mounted receiver intended for use on industrial hoists and other industrial applications where precision control is required and space is at a premium. Available in 900 MHz for maximum flexibility, the MU-X9 is self-contained and prefigured providing a no-touch solution. The pigtail harness flying leads are marked for easy identification. The MU-X9 accepts control commands from Warrior handheld transmitters*.

The unit can be mounted using the molded enclosure mounting flange that provides the option of using the four pre-drilled 0.20” holes with bolts or screws, or by using the two 0.425” holes with the 0.225” x 1.00” shank-slides. The sturdy enclosure allows the MU to operate worry free in harsh weather conditions and factory environments.

*The Warrior HH2S transmitter is standard with the MU-X9 in a Warrior system. Other Warrior transmitters can be used with the MU-X9. Contact your Cervis sales representative for details.

  • 900 MHz @ 100 mW License-Free Operation
  • Two Motion, Two Speed Control
  • Two Series MLC Safety Relays
  • Dedicated Horn/Light and Start Relays
  • Compact Designed to IP65/IP67 Standards
  • Designed to ICS 8 NEMA Crane Specification
  • External Antenna
  • Self-Contained, Factory Pre-Configured Terminal Wiring with Single Pigtail Harness
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