Introducing Cervis Enhanced Repair Program & Warrior HH2S Exchange Service

Beginning January 1, 2023

These valuable new service offerings reduce downtime due to repairs and strengthen the reliability of your Cervis handheld remotes. Our Enhanced Repair program offers a higher level of repair service and preventive maintenance to address other issues before they become critical. The WARRIOR HH2S Exchange program allows customers to return out of warranty WARRIOR HH2S remotes in need of repair to Cervis to be exchanged for a fully refurbished unit. (Does not apply to Cervis SmaRT products)

Enhanced Repair Program

Cervis technicians will repair the issue, perform a complete inspection of the remote, and replace any visibly worn components, adding another level of reliability. This includes a 90-day “bumper to bumper” warranty on all work performed, not just the requested repair.

WARRIOR HH2S Exchange Service

HH2S Remotes: $275 HH2S Tandem: $395

When a replacement remote is needed right away, Cervis will accept the malfunctioning unit and quickly ship a fully refurbished replacement unit. This expedited exchange reduces downtime and includes the added value of a full 90-day warranty on the exchanged item. This program applies only to WARRIOR HH2S units that are out of warranty.

2023 Service Evaluation Fee: $175

Effective with RMAs issued in 2023 the evaluation charge / 1st hour labor charge will be $175.
For more information, please contact our Customer Service department at 724-741-9000.