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Cervis has a rich history working in the industrial material handling markets. We maintain a staff of highly trained individuals with years of application expertise in the overhead bridge crane market – making Cervis a front-runner in the industry. Cervis provides industrial wireless remote control solutions for both standard and highly engineered specifications. We are specialists in both AC and DC crane control and have a passion for constructing the best industrial wireless radio remote controls on the market.

The Warrior product line consists of two, three and ANY-STEP push button transmitters as well as small medium and large mill-duty console boxes for multi-step and step-less applications.  This family of transmitters is supported by a variety of Warrior receivers designed to accomplish any material handling application.  The Warrior’s flagship product, the HHMS model, is an industry first transmitter that can provide two, three and ANY-STEP buttons from our proprietary multi-step switch.  This contact-less switch is factory configured.  In two step configurations offers fully redundant 1st and 2nd step commands.  The three step version offers a low cost alternative to applications requiring three speeds in that you do not have to move to a traditional console box for such an application.  The ANY-STEP configuration offers an INDUSTRY FIRST SEVEN STEP solution that can be applied to applications desiring 4-5 speeds or step-less control in a push button handheld solution.  This unique features coupled with the 70+ hours of operating time form the lithium ion rechargeable battery and standard OLED display make the HHMS a power packed, feature rich solution for handheld material handling applications.

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