WARRIOR Receivers

Affordable Precision for Hoist/Trolley Applications

The Cervis Warrior MU-9X9 is an affordable receiver intended for use on industrial hoists and other industrial applications where precision control is required and space is at a premium. The MU-9X9 receiver is designed with 6 control relays plus two series STOP relays and Warning/Start. Typically used in single or two speed hoist/trolley (monorail) applications or in split bridge trolley control set ups where crane festooning is not present.


Operate Worry Free in Harsh Weather Conditions

The Cervis Warrior MU-9X15 is a low cost receiver intended for use on industrial overhead cranes.  Specifically designed to cover most of todays standard crane set ups the MU-9X15 comes pre-configured for 3 motion 2 speed crane control with A/B Hoist select relays.  Using the receivers on board DIP switches the receiver can be configured by the user for many options including 4 wire hoists, 4th 2 speed or AUX functions and various A/B Hoist select sequences.  The MU-9X15 is designed for installation flexibility allowing you to cover many applications with one piece of hardware with the flip of a DIP switch.

Modular Design for Maximum Flexibility.

The MU6E is a modular receiver intended for use in industrial systems including overhead bridge cranes. This self-contained unit can be configured with various input/output cards accommodating various I/O requirements. The MU6E will receive and execute commands from the full range of Cervis Warrior Transmitters and is available in both AC and DC configurations.

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