Custom is our Standard

Cervis manufactures wireless remote control products and solutions that are uniquely built for your specific application to make your operation safer and more efficient. Our products stand out from the competition because they are perfectly tailored to your application-specific needs.


Setting the Industry Standard in Customer Service

We take great pride in our robust customer service efforts. It is truly the best service in the industry, offering each customer top advice and guidance from our highly responsive and experienced technical support team.


Our History

Founded in 1992, Cervis, Inc. is a privately owned manufacturing company directed by the passion and dedication of its owners, supported by the unwavering commitment of our employees. Our highly-skilled workforce strives day-in and day-out to provide our customers with high-quality products and superior customer service. This commitment provides our customers with a partner that combines the focus and drive of a small business with the knowledge and expertise of an industry force.

At its core, Cervis is a product-development and manufacturing company. We maintain a full staff of product development engineers and a team of application engineers who assist the sales department in applying our products to customer applications.

Cervis, Inc. focuses on quality and continuous improvement, and operates under the following quality structures:



Quality management systems – Requirements


ISO/IEC 80079-34:2011

Explosive Atmospheres Part 34:
Application Of Quality Systems For Equipment Manufacture

Our service team will stop at nothing to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our repair work.

Our active Service Department handles 2500 units annually to keep our customers happy by minimizing their downtime.

Quality of product service is key to getting back in the game after a breakdown. For our customers that begins with the average tenure of our technicians which is 13 years. That’s experience you can count from our service department.

In industrial environments, it’s inevitable that damage to tools will occur and we recognize that turn around time for product service is important. That is why we measure success with an average repair turn around time of ten days.

Sean Mulzet

Chief Executive Officer, Director of Product Management

Kevin R. Hadley

President, Director of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service

Wayne Koening

Director of Production

Anthony M. Di Tommasso

Director of Product Development, Quality, and Finance

Kevin R. Hadley

President, Director of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service

Randy Butter

Vice President of Sales

Keith Stauffer

Executive Sales Manager

Chris Monday

Inside Sales Coordinator

RMA Administration

RMA Service

Technical Service

Technical Service Manager

Repair Service

Senior Service Technician
724-741-9000 • info@cervis.net