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Industrial Automation

With advances in plant automation over the past 20 years, the application of wireless communications and control has become standard in automation system development. The ability for operators to interface with automated systems, influence speeds, start / stop processes and coordinate with pre-line or post-line systems is key to maintaining problem-free production and efficiency.

CERVIS products offers many substantial features for industrial automation projects. Our complete product lineup offers everything from traditional command and control wireless systems to wireless remote data/sensor monitoring systems with the ability to create networks using multiple components.

Industrial Automation Wireless Transmitters

Cervis wireless products are well suited for industrial automation projects. Designed for durability with flexible configuration and features such as standard two-way communication, frequency hopping wireless modulation and many custom options.

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Industrial Automation Wireless Base Units

Within the Cervis wireless product family, we have designed a number of base units with specific hardware and power supply characteristics suited for the industrial automation market(s).

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Industrial Automation Field Monitoring / Networking

The Field Monitoring systems from Cervis make gathering important analog data in the ‘field’ quick and easy. 

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