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Industrial Automation

With the advances in plant automation over the past 20 years, the application of wireless communications and control has become standard in automation system development. The ability for operators to interface with automated systems, influence speeds, start / stop processes and coordinate with pre- or post-line systems is key to maintaining problem-free production and efficiency.

The SmaRT Wireless product offers many substantial features for industrial automation projects. Our complete product lineup offers simple ON / OFF control (for applications like motor control and indicators), as well as high-end control (such as variable speed commands for advanced motion control).

We offer a host of receiver I/O devices operating on typical industrial control voltages, including both low- and high-voltage AC and DC. Control devices inside the receivers consist of typical relay devices with variable analog controls. Sensing circuits are also available to interface with machine analog and digital input devices. Data communications for PLC interface—such as CAN Bus and PROFIBUS—can also be accommodated in system design.

Many of the products are designed to meet CAT 3 Pld safety according to EN ISO 13849-1-2008.

Industrial Automation Product Line

SmaRT Wireless

SmaRT Wireless products are well suited for industrial automation projects. Designed with durability and configurability, two-way communication, and great product options.

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SmaRT Wireless Base Units

Within the SmaRT Wireless product family, we have designed a number of base units with specific hardware and power supply characteristics suited for the industrial automation market(s). Whether the application calls for low voltage DC control or high voltage AC, we have base unit models that can be paired with the SmaRT Wireless handhelds to accomplish […]

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Featured Applications

Applications in the Industrial Automation and motion control markets are broad. Our years of experience position us well to partner with you on your next project.

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There are many details and options with our SmaRT Wireless Handhelds, but none more so than our SmaRT Connect and our SmaRT Networking.  To learn more about these selections, click on the links below.

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